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The area between your asshole and ballsack (only used when the krumpet area is sweaty and smelly)
Steve tore his pants after a long days work only to reveal his krumpet.
by Jonathan Hudson July 10, 2008
Boobs, mammories, tits, chi chi's, juggs, knockers, and on and on...
"She's got some krumpets i wouldn't mind spilling my tea on."
by anti-log May 28, 2007
A dirty whore who poses as a clown.
Did I see you pickin up a Krumpet at the corner last night?

Was that a Krumpet you got for your kids party, or is it just me?
by Jason Archer August 21, 2005
A flower that grows in the crack of a sidewalk. The flower becomes a krumpet when it grows up through the crack. The species of flower is irrelevant.
Look at that little krumpet. Don't step on it!
by solidt December 09, 2009
The torn edges left over from when you rip a peice of paper out of a spiral notebook.
"what the fuck, who put all their krumpets on the floor under my desk?"
by Miguel November 21, 2004
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