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when something is not stable. When something is fleeting much like the disappearing and reappearing castle in the 1983 movie Krull.
Life is Krull. That's So Krull. What can you do some things in life are just so Krull.
by AngieMason May 29, 2008
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the penis of a guy named chris
"did krull get some action this weekend?"
by ksdlaksjhd January 21, 2008
used as any part of speech
1. You messed up my krull
2. Stop krulling al over my krull
3. the krull got caught krulling last night at the krull
by Jon September 19, 2004
A big curly hairdo. Could be described as a white trash 'fro.
His krull impressed me.
by soja May 16, 2005

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