warrior from ancient tribes of germany
The Kruger killed the peasent with his sharpened axe.
by Thomas Hansen April 04, 2005
Top Definition
Ancient german warrior from germany.
The furious kruger killed invader with his long sword.
by Thomas Hansen April 04, 2005
A scary hand job from a woman with extremely long fingernails.
"She scared the shit out of me with those kruger nails on my cock."
by Jtron 3000 October 03, 2003
The realization that you urgently need to defecate at the exact time you need to leave for a commitment or appointment.
We met at 5AM in the hotel lobby to catch the safari to Kruger National Park. John suddenly realized that queasy feeling required an immediate trip to the toilet. He made it just in time, but was on the verge all day long.

Tom: "We've got to leave for the airport now! Where's Bobby"

Foster: "He felt a kruger coming on. He's in the bathroom"
by Hollyanne June 29, 2012
Having the same South African values, a Kruger is a poor version of a Krugerrand. See Urban Dictionary definition of Krugerrand.

The same as a Cougar in these states of America, a Kruger too, will prowl the singles bar scene in search of prey..., which is young men. If immigrated to U.S.A., a Kruger can usually be identified by a thick German accent. Hence, the given name, "Greta Garbo Kruger."
I thought that I hooked up with a Krugerrand last night, but when she asked for taxi fare this morning came the realization that she was just a Kruger looking for a free fun time!
by gravy111 November 28, 2010
A Kruger is the greasy curved bicycle chain-ring imprint found on neophyte cyclist calves. The curved imprint resembles the serrated edges of a Krugerrand Gold piece.
Nice Kruger on your calf Jen, ride much?
by Veloslug October 25, 2013
A very gay man, that is turned on by animal feces.
Oh my god, look at that kruger sniffing that piece of shit.
by aharon bento October 13, 2006
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