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To completely fuckin’ lose it and beat the tar out of someone, preferably your father in-law.

**Modeled after Met’s pitcher K-Rod’s epic meltdown on 8/11/2010 in which he beat the fuck out of his father in-law in the team clubhouse, resulting in assault charges.**
Example: “Reginald’s been taking my shit like a punk bitch…better watch out I’m gonna go fuckin’ K-Rod on his ass”
by Sammy Nutt September 02, 2010
another name for the slang, "dork."
when a person messed up something simple, jokingly say, "you are such a krod!"
by khanysha November 20, 2002
The best closer in the world- Francisco Rodriguez.
Known for his high Strikeout-to-walk ratio and his ability to close out all the ball games.
K-rod saves the Angels again.
by sstefan April 19, 2008
a confused kid. dork backwards. so dumb, that you think an elephant is a rhino or a giraffe. delirious. you've got issues.
"I'm such a confuseable krod."
by thisprettylittlecardhousedream April 18, 2011
1.of or related to being cool.
look at the k-rod walkin down the hall.
by K-ROD March 20, 2005
A whale's vagina.
"Dont be a krod, Bob! Go ask Betty for her number!"
by Your Mother (No Disrespect) October 07, 2011
Retard its dork spelled backwards
Kayla is a krod because she says stinky cheese
by Evonna November 30, 2002