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The girl that every guy wish he could have. The girl that makes every conversation with other girls seem dull the girl that you cant find a word to describe her. The girl that means the most to you. The girl that will be there when things are bad. The girl that will make a great day into the greatest day of your life the girl that your parents would be proud of. The girl that your dad would describe as a keeper. The girl that you go out your way and write a definition about on urban dictionary so you the whole can know how yuo fell about her. The girl that you think of when you hear great Blink 182 songs.
Woah this girl is the Krizia ive been waiting for all my life.
by LOUDOG182blink February 13, 2009
most beautiful princess
Gosh darling ur such a krizia.
by marcella January 06, 2005
A beautiful weirdo....
That girl is such a Krizia
by JB<3 March 27, 2008
See Krix
There once was a flag/gun girl on Color Guard. She loves stuff.
Do you know Krizia?
Yeah, I hear she's in with the trombones.
by Band January 20, 2005

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