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The coolest person you will NEVER meet!
Nerd 1: "I wish I could go to that party at Stacy's house this weekend."

Nerd 2: "I heard that Krit himself is showing up, we'll never be allowed in."

Nerd 1: "Krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttttt!"
by DonaldDarko August 02, 2012
(n) a person who is obscenely annoying, finds fault in just about everything, and has a high shrilly voice
"I was really enjoying the movie, until that krit behind us opened her mouth!"
by gene parmesan November 17, 2006
(i) Derogatory term for asian populace
(ii) Expression of anger/frustration
(iii) Contracted form of the name Chris
(iv) It rhymes with shit
(i) You son of a krit
(ii) what the krit?
(iii) Hello krit
(iv) this food smells of krit
by Warnett May 06, 2003
An overly critical person who believes their way of doing things is the standard no matter what. Krits may frequently use the phrase "that's not how I do it" and are often characterized by a whiny or annoying tone of voice.
Krit: "What are you doing?"

Normal Person: "Washing dishes"

Krit: "That's not how I do it"

Normal Person: "So what? Stop being a fucking krit"
by BCMor December 01, 2009
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