a very hot and attractive woman, men would die for her. behind all that classy sexiness is a very sexual and kinky woman, she's usually shy but loud and crazy around her friends. basically kristynas are the shit.
guy 1 - dude,whos that
guy2 - thats kristyna,and shes too good for u

kristyna's a freak in the sheeetzz!
by oodleypoodley13 October 01, 2011
Top Definition
An intelligent and sexy female with hot and attractive physical features.She's got 10 looks and nice petite body. She can be shy and she blushes alot, but under the innocence of her there lays a sexual predator within-an overall man's dream in a woman.But she is classy in public and very sweet with a kind, gentle and passionate heart,and is often broken a lot.she has a habit of changing people she meets for the better, but socially she likes a close group of friends, and not an all over the place social life.She always catches people by surprise. shes a neat person to be around, a little freaky and has strong sexual desires, a very intimate person,&loveable.Kristyna meaning a very deep and intuitive person.She has a heart of gold, and she is very passionate and loving.She's very attractive and a bright woman with goals and expressions that make you laugh beyond control.,Kristyna has strong faith, and the majesty of her heart can overpower hate and sadness. She can brighten anyones mood. She thinks rarely of herself, and despite her beauty she has a low self esteem, but has naturally good values and morals,shes romantic. She's very emotional. She’s a freak in the sheets!! She will be willing to fix your problems, and her heart is deeply affected by the moods of others. She can go both ways, as love is a important part in her life and she feels it can be shared with both men and women. she's a little weird but her smile makes up for it. If you meet a Kristyna, hold on to her!
Go to Kristyna if you're feeling sad.

duude im in love with kristyna!

kristynas a freak in the sheets. i wanna marry her! O_O

Kristyna deserves way more than what the world gives her.
by nataliemarie00807 September 30, 2011
Comes from the Czech spelling of the word. Usually has very large boobs, and a very large glass of beer. Her true weakness is anything with a British accent, or a guitar.
Whoa, did you see that Kristyna over there, dry humping the band?
by jana gorbacova May 22, 2011
An exotic foreign woman who likes to make sexy time in the back of jeeps with large mexican ladies and small asian boys while screaming "harder big boy!"
me: kristyna, where were you last night?
Kristyna: harder big boyyyyyyyyy
by heemily December 03, 2006
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