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kristy:the coolest person on the earth,
mostly female,Also they hate being called kristina
they love to text,shop,and they are amazing kissers, and supper sexy
daummmm.. did u see that
by kristo111 October 05, 2010
One who regularly goes to parties in space with David Bowie. Sometimes known to offer him her jumper. Can also be found on a floaty in the middle of the lake.
I see you're here with David Bowie at this party in space. You must be Kristy. Did I see you floating on the lake last weekend?
by K-Nick October 14, 2009
DAMN sexy, basically has a sexalishious body. Besides having a rocking bod she is also super smart. Great friend and lover. Guys want her and girls want to be her.
Josh- Whoa did you she that girl?!
Dave- Yeah she's so hot she could make the sun melt
Josh- Whats her name??
Dave- Kristy... obviously
by yeahhboi July 12, 2011
Someone very hot (cute as hell) and funny as hell
I will do anything for Kristy.
Dude, that chic is so hott, she must be a Kristy
by insert name<3 May 08, 2011
A hyphenate of the Greek word "Krios" and the Gaelic word "taiyle."

In Greek mythology, Crius, Kreios or "Krios" (Ancient Greek: Κρεῖος,1 Κριός) was one of the Titans in the list given in Hesiod's Theogony, a son of Uranus and Gaia. The least individualized among them,2 he was overthrown in the Titanomachy. M.L. West3 has suggested how Hesiod filled out the complement of Titans from the core group— adding three figures from the archaic tradition of Delphi, Koios, Phoibe, whose name Apollo assumed with the oracle, and Themis. Among possible further interpolations among the Titans was Kreios, whose interest for Hesiod was as the father of Perses and grandfather of Hekate, for whom Hesiod was, according to West, an "enthusiastic evangelist".

In Gaelic mythology the word "taiyle" refers to the high priestess of Byzantium. She was know for her massive beauty and generosity that spread throughout the known world. In history books she is credited with developing the first health care system, homeless shelter, and tax deductions for families making below the approved poverty line. Though her legend deals more in her title of the world's first MILF. Through all of her told beauty and generosity she was coveted by the men of her time for being the "hottest mother of children I have ever seen, I gotta get me some of that" told Poletmy, a poet during the Byzantium age.
Kristy is a word I found on urbandictionary.com
by Steamluv December 07, 2010
She's a biker chick and a sultry girlie girl. She rocks her own Harley and turns heads in a minidress. She's got just enough ink to let you know she's a firecracker! Amazing breasts and a body that will make all your exgirlfriends jealous. Everyone is drawn to her and all will have a great time in Her presence. Shes a sparkler and you'll see why if you get the chance to hang with her. Her main man will be a sexy bad boy who knows what his lady wants. She will make him feel like a million bucks, and he will love having her next to him watching all of the heads turn when they go by. Her motto for life is "Making bitches jealous."
Did you see that chick ride by?

Yeah, she's a Kristy.
by I know it eats you up inside August 20, 2011
A girl who is a master in all things! She is a nympho and a kinky one at that. Will go to war for her friends and family both old and new.is good with stressful situations. Loves to have a good time and is always up for new things
That girl kristy knows how to have fun
by realtalk8188 October 27, 2013