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1. A slang term for the name Kristen or Kristun, popular with the Asian Race

2. A good name for a so called "color child". A person who is obsessed with rainbows and should be called a human leprechaun for chasing them. They are unique and most likely have a unique name.

3. A techno whore. Won't stop listening to it even if they get arrested for blaring their music too loud.

4. A term used to describe doing something really stupid.
1. If your name is Kristen, A popular way to spell your name on myspace would be to spell it Kris-tun.

2. Look at that Kristun wearing all of those rainbow bracelets. If I wasn't mistaken I would think that she's gay.

3. Old man: "Aggh. All of that electronic crap blarin' next door must be from Kristun! Ima call the cops!"

4. Oh no! You pulled a Kristun! Hahahaha! *points and laughs*
by Kruton Knutz March 17, 2009
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The coolest person in the history of history. Even tho she a prep and she like rap she still awesome. She is really hot too. Uhh...Yeah.


To do something totally random or stupid
I love Kristun.


Oh no! You pulled a Kristun!
by My name is Mike December 29, 2004

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