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Kristna is the name of a girl who loves Curtis. She also loves Disney Channel and things that are pink. Kristna loves flowers, glitter and long walks on the beach. She will be a poor teacher some day who has to work part time at Jamba Juice to support her 4 Curtis Jr. little boys.
Shelb: Hey, do you want to go to Kristna's house to watch that Hannah Montana marathon later?

Chris: Umm...sure!
by SmellyCat4515 February 03, 2010
A beautiful girl with a great body and warm heart but when pushed to the limit won't care and will cause pain. She can either make your life a beautiful sunshine or hell. She will brighten up the room with her laugh and her bold sense of humor. Boys go crazy for her
Jessica: omg it's the new girl, she's beautiful

girl: Kristna? she's so pretty, we should befriend her
by Holbein May 17, 2014