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The most beautiful amazing girl in the world. She falls off her bed laughing too hard and loves giving D's. She sometimes likes to receives D's from other people. She loves Mike and lives in Montville. She has fake glasses and only stays up till 4A.M MAX! If you ever see her she will just give you a boner. She's so beautiful and every guy would kill to have her. She is now a famous Playboy Bunny and is very sexy. And she's a whore.
Guy: "Hey I'm dating Kristal Harris!"
Guy 2: "Bro I'm going to fucking kill you for her!"

Guy: "Yo see Kristal Harris over there, she's giving me the D."
Guy 2: "Yo I would give her my D but only if I get lucky.
by Mike Montville<3 December 29, 2011
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