1. when someone makes a lot of dough
2. when someone is baked daily
3. when someone is iced out
4. when someone is fresh
Kpeezy is Krispy Kreme
by Kelera November 21, 2007
When a female is performing oral sex on an erect penis with a donut on it, the male smashes her head down onto his penis far enough for the donut and the his cream.
I need a donut for tonight, your mom is going to give me a krispy kreme.
by Jesus H Cox, MD November 05, 2007
when you beat off in a girl's face when she is unconscious or sleeping, then she wakes up to find a crispy, white, coating around her face and eyes.
Krispy Kreme is something you do to be a jackass....a straight up jackass
by abankhead March 22, 2007
adjective describing one's face after performing oral sex on a female. The one giving has vaginal liquids around the mouth area, which are shiny, looking like a Krispy Kreme doughnut.
...then I came up for air, and I totally had the Krispy Kreme thing going.
by xmanadan May 13, 2005
Nickname for a slut in an office somewhere in time, between this galaxy and the next, who's face will look like a glazed donut soon.
FC "Hey Krispy Kreme, are you ready for the geyser?"

KK "Yea baby, hit me with the juice"
by C2 October 29, 2004
commonly used to describe someone who is always fuckin cracked out! They are so fried they are like donuts.
Man, that guy is definately an f-in Krispy Kreme!
by punkrawk February 27, 2003
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