When you ejaculate/cum on someone and they do not clean it off, or get all of it of, it dries becoming a "Krispy Kreme"
Man, did you see Lacy's face the other night?
Yeah man, Krispy Kreme fo sho.
by John and Matt May 26, 2008
The Krispy Kreme is when you get a girl in the middle of a group of guys, they spin her around and excrete their ball-sack bolognaise on her head so as to represent frosting on a popular style of donut.
The other day, we all stood around a girl that had thighs like custard (well ugly), and whacked off so we could give her the ol' Krispy Kreme.... then waited for it to dry so it went a little krispy like vanilla ice magic... Yummo...
by The Donut King December 08, 2009
During sex, the man pulls his penis out of the womans vagina and ejaculates into her bellybutton. After doing this, he dunks the head of his penis into the "glaze" and inserts it into her mouth. If there's more than one man, its a "double-glazed".
Dude, I just Krispy Kremed that bitch!
by Shilly Dilly November 16, 2009
the act of shooting your delicious glaze all over a girl's vagina, and then licking it all off.
My girlfriend's vag tasted like shit, so i gave her a Krispy Kreme
by Tr3nton93 October 27, 2008
To eat a doughnut off a man's penis while his penis is inserted into the whole of the doughnut.
"I krispy kremed your boyfriend."
by AMSEMAS April 12, 2010
When a male ejaculates in a female's face creating a glaze like a Krispy Kreme doughnut.
I was beatin' down this chick, pulled out, and straight Krispy Kremed her face.
by bwilliams021880 November 22, 2010
The sexual act of filling ones partner's asshole with whipped creme, plugging the anus with a donut hole once full, and an optional layer of shit or chocolate syrup is applied on top. Consumption is a must, serves 1-2.
Man- "Damn honey that was a mighty fine roast we had tonight!"

Woman- "I hope you saved room for dessert. Cause we are having a fucking Krispy Kreme"
by NAVNAV September 22, 2010
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