A % of what many peoples bodies are composed of.
Human body: 60% water, 20% krispy kreme, 20% other
by /Nickk June 03, 2006
hot dog holder, sausage wallet
That krispy kreme is glazed with baby gravy!
by Darcy Chumang October 13, 2007
A doughnut company founded in North Carolina that made the ultimate glazed doughnut, once eaten, it tasted SO FUCKING amazing, that you would want to DEVOUR the whole box of doughnuts you bought at Walmart or at the nearest Krispy Kreme. It appeared on the Futurama episode, "The Deep South" with Fry and a mermaid named Umbriel exiting the shop, on Madagascar with Marty talking to a horse where you saw the Krispy Kreme logo, and Shark Tale as "Kelpy Kreme" when Oscar bought it for his fish bitch, Angela.

A hilarious YouTube rapper who changed his name to Froggy Fresh because of copyright with the REAL Krispy Kreme. You know, the doughnut shop. His famous songs were "The Baddest" and "Dunked On". He even appeared and rapped with Daniel Tosh on Tosh.0.
(Guy 1) Yo, my homie! Wanna eat some Krispy Kreme? (Homie) Yeah! Come on.

(Man 1) Do you know Krispy Kreme's song, "Street Rangers?" (Man 2) No. But I know how his name changed to Froggy Fresh. (Man 1) Tell me.
by IWannaBe June 29, 2014
Another word for sweet sweet love juice.
Wife: Must.....have.....krispy kreme!!!
Husband: Ok.
by Sterfry July 12, 2003
Code word for "burn victim," to let therapists in the burn center know they have patients coming in.
"Here comes a fresh batch of Krispy Kremes."
by patslider December 10, 2013
When having sexual intercourse with a woman, before ejaculation, pull out your penis and tell the woman to make an "O" face. Then proceed to ejaculate around the edges of her open mouth in a circular motion inspired by the shape of a doughnut. When completed, yell out "HOT AND NOW BITCH".
She was hungry, so I gave her a Krispy Kreme.
by Jism Inc. August 11, 2010
When you ejaculate/cum on someone and they do not clean it off, or get all of it of, it dries becoming a "Krispy Kreme"
Man, did you see Lacy's face the other night?
Yeah man, Krispy Kreme fo sho.
by John and Matt May 26, 2008

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