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The act of being a lesbian to Kristen Stewart's hotness.
"Kristen Stewart is HOT!"
"Ew, are you a lesbian?"
"Nope, just a krisbian"
by KBitchxx March 26, 2010
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The act of being a lesbian to, and only to, Kristen Stewart and her hot, gorgeous, and sexy personality and body.
Person 1: Oh. My. Goodness. I absolutely love Kristen Stewart. I would SO marry her if I could.

Person 2: But.. wait.. I thought you were straight. Are you a LESBO?

Person 1: No. I'm a Krisbian. I would only be a lesbian for Kristen Stewart.
by Krisbian4Eva19 September 09, 2010
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The effect Kristen Stewart has on a heterosexual fan-girl; whereupon, they would only go gay for her.
I just saw Kristen Stewart's legs in Elle magazine and now I'm a proud Krisbian.

OMG, I just saw Kristen Stewart in The Runaways and now I'm turning Krisbian? We like boys. We like boys.
by filmgirl May 18, 2010
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synonym: fiender

A person that lives their life vicariously through Kristen Stewart. They want to BE Kristen Stewart. They monitor the world wide web for any and all mentions of Kristen Stewart that are in a negative light and believe that, in time, they can change their views of Kristen Stewart.
A Krisbian approached Kristen Stewart and asked her for her shoes.
by anti-fiender January 09, 2010
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