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A short barreled variant of the AK47 or AK74-developed for Soviet tank crews. Often seen displayed behind Osama Bin Laden in stock newsfilm footage,and villanized by anti-gun types!
The Russian Tankers opened up on the Afhgan rebels with their Krinkovs.
by mohctep October 09, 2005
Krinkov is the Mujahedin given nickname
for a shortened AK47/AK74 variant,
the AKSU-74, that first fell into western
hands during the Russian occupation
ofr Afghanistan.

Probably the shortest, value for money
gun a nutty Michigan Militia type idiot
would start collecting.
"Let the ATF come to my house, i´m prepared!
5 cases of Maker´s Mark Bourbon and plenty clips
for my Krinkov!"
by Weltregierung September 22, 2005