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Cash money, named for the sound paper bills make in your hand. More often used to describe small sums of money, or large sums in an ironic tone.
Dude :I wanna score a dimebag before the concert, im broke though.

Other Dude : I got a little krinkle
by L L Coolbeanz January 24, 2010
When your genitals shrival like prunes
your balls are krinkled
by faye and bryony March 04, 2004
one who wishes to jiggle like red jello.
OH BOY, look at that krinkle.
by axieland. October 16, 2010
when somone is so fat the skin on the back of their neck Krinkles up in rolls
The rolls on the back of a fat old women's neck
by BigDawg April 26, 2005

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