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a furry creature, about the size of a chipmunk, prone to nipping the tips off shoelaces and hiding in slippers.

diet: consists mostly of lint, shoelaces and banana peels
habitat: slippers, sock drawers. Mostly found in Australia and southern island of New Zealand, although there have been a few cases reported in eastern New Guinea

Although this creature is a seemingly adorable fur ball of energetic affection, it's flaming temper, quick reflexes and sharp nipping fangs deem it quite the little monster.
"I think there's a Krimbly in my moccasin!"
"did it get you?!"
"phew... it's just nipping at my laces."

"whats that sound? It's coming from your sock drawer?"
"I know. My place is ridden with Krimblys."
by crumblycreatures November 26, 2009
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