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Krigsskolen (lit. The War School"); The Norwegian Military Academy. Claims to be the oldest university-level institution in Norway, yet graduating cadets only earned bachelor-degrees after 2008. Tuition is not only free, the Army's future leaders earn almost 60k USD while in school at Linderud, Oslo. When cadets matriculate, they're automatically promoted to 2nd Lueys. When they graduate after 3 years, they become 1st Lueys. They're expected to fulfill the role of platoon COs AND senior NCOs. Yeah, you know it. Norway needs an NCO-corps yesterday.
Norwegian Police University College student:

Man, I got tuition to pay, I might get a job north of the polar circle, and all the flak for wanting to be a cop.

Norwegian Army cadet:

And I'm living the good life at Krigsskolen.
by norasoc December 27, 2011

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