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Sexy male that encourages female wet dreams.

adj. that guy is so Kriek.
verb. (female) that guy just made me Kriek on the spot.
by Jon Kriek August 24, 2007

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A delicious amalgamation of Malt and Belgian Cherries that is brewed in Belgium. It is a lambic and technically a beer but it is unrecognizably from its more "common" relatives. It is one of the best tasting beverages in the entire world, and its consumption is a rite of passage in some communities in the San Fernando Valley.
"Dude, don't you remember that one time that we drank all of that kriek and then we went driving and flipped your dad's car?"

"Oh yeah, that night was awesome, it's all good though."
by R. E. Lee August 12, 2009