v. Describing a state of extreme nausea.
"You want to get some Greek food?"
"Nah, that shit makes me krenz."
by Jdwalker13 April 27, 2006
Top Definition
a term of endearment, like awesome, or cool. Originated from a person commonly called Krenz that was just so cool, and nice to everyone that if you were called Krenz, it was an honor. The real Krenz currently attends High School.
*Man, you're so Krenz!

*You're acting so Krenz-ish today!
by RKII December 07, 2004
To sing to yourself or others
I krenzed myself for an hour last night
by mike filipek April 15, 2008
Middle age bartender, mohawk that stands up in the wind, preaching ball security
Coach McAdams told Clark to krenz as he ran down the football field
by Andrew Ruzek February 12, 2014
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