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Jerk spelled backwards but it goes with everything jerk goes with and more. (see examples)
My mom was such a krej last night when she wouldnt let me go to masons house.
My math teacher made us take a quiz today, which was so krej.
the quiz i had to take in math today was krej.
by nuhsuh August 26, 2009
Krej, is jerk spelled backwards. It's mostly 90's slang that never really caught on.
Ugh, you are SUCH a Krej.
by SARA MOTHERFUCK October 04, 2007
A method of referring to someone (or something) that frequently exhibits characteristics commonly seen as extremely "krejjy" or "jerky," also generally referred to as something a jerk would do, perform, say, etc.

Note: Krej came into being as a backwards spelling of the word jerk.
"That doesn't look right."
"Stop being such a krej!"
by Franny D February 28, 2009
Krej is the backwards spelling of jerk. You say it if you don't want the person to know you are calling them a jerk.
Colton is a huge krej.
by HelloPanda December 20, 2005
jerk (jerk spelled backwards)

Pronounced: kredge
Boy: "You are so ugly!"
Girl: "You're a krej!"
by TheHackin'Shiz December 12, 2008
¹Krej\ k'rəj \ n :A term defined by psycho babble. A very technicle term which cannot be described by a single definition but rather by feeling and emotion.
All Americans are krejes.
by Leeanne June 02, 2004

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