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Nickname for 50 Cent
From Madea's Class Reunion (play)

Madea: You know who get on my nerves?
Cora: Who?
Madea: Kreflo Dollars Hairburn, that rapper.
Stephanie: You mean 50 Cent?
Madea: Or ten nickels, four quarters, or something.
by misterissues June 21, 2009

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1) A sexual position where a homosexual male lights his pubic hair on fire while having sex with his partner and he also gives his partner money whilst this happens.

2) A nickname for 50 Cent.
1) Man: Would you like to do some KDH?

Other Man: Ouch.

2) Kreflo Dollars Hairburn gets on my nerves. His music sucks ass!
by thegreatworldchampion April 20, 2010