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Your own natural mannerisms, conduct, and speech which is heavily in conflict with your environmental, political, and social norms. It's about being yourself and not giving a shit if people think you're off your rocker. I happen to believe it also includes a certain level of acknowledgment to your own personal responsibility which may or may not at times require the destruction of property, either yours or an others.
Yes you son of a fascist, I am krazy, I also have an IQ of 142, so byte me. And keep your melon drugs. Keep them melon drugs for the crazy people.
by PoisonousIvy June 06, 2011
best quake player ever! >.<
That krazy can really frag!
by MGI October 10, 2004
fittest guy in the world from blazin squad!!!!!! aka lee baliey!!!
lee an charlotte foreva shame i am only dreamin!!!! <it has to cum true>
by charlotte loves krazy!!!! July 18, 2003
VERY VERY SEXY TALENTED MC n me n him shud b 2geva
krazy n charlotte 2geva 4eva
by charlotte h October 01, 2003