Member Of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and tha greatest rapper of all time. Can rap fast and spit unbelieveable lyrics and slow it down with some sooth singing!
Who da realest nigga out there?
Krayzie Bone!
by C-Smooth February 01, 2006
A cleveland based rapper,in the group "Bone thugs",one of the greatest groups of all time.

Krayzie Bone had beef with Bizzy Bone,but the beef was squashed in mid 2005,and they are friends now.
Krayzie Bone:
If these mothaf***as wanna see your nuts
show your nuts
let the slugs bust
shoot the club up
by bulletz144 November 19, 2005
Now im not sayin Krayzie Bone is the best from Bone Thugs -N- Harmony,
but hes my favorite.
He mostly sings chorus and he can rap from slow, to hella fast.
Hes one of the greatest out there.
-Some good songs from Krayzie Bone-

Getchu Twisted
Thug Mentality remix with 2pac

Alot more, that i cant think of at the moment..
And mainly all the songs he did with BTNH even old songs,
and on his solo record Gemeni: Good vs Evil.
by RapEmpire February 09, 2007
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