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One who lives in a cave.
That bear is pulling a Kravnos for the winter.
by Orryn May 14, 2003
A cave dwelling mammal with little if not any life outsider of his/her computer
There is a Kravnos lurking in that cave
by Teddy Roosevelt February 21, 2003
The act of running away from confrontation like a little bitchboy.
BANG!! (car backfires)

"Holy shit! Look at that guy kravnos outta here!"
by Horace Deep Throat February 23, 2003
To be sheltered in an enclosed area for days without friends, food or water.
The abandoned crack house by the train tracks was the "Kravanos" for many of Compton's underprivileged kids.
by Gary Coleman February 22, 2003
the epitome of jealousy from others.
Jim: I wish I was as good as him! I think i'll flame him now KEKekekeke~
Bob: quit havin' a kravnos, jim.
by yawn.zzz February 22, 2003
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