Any person born in germany or a perosn with any german heritage. The term came about during World War Two because in combat with german soldiers, American soldiers complained about the Germans pungent stench of sauerkraut.
holy shit that new kid tom is a fucking kraut, i can smell him from way over here.
by Bad ass Mother November 18, 2005
A word used by some hipsters to denote typical "mainstream" people they deem inferior to themselves, usually for their tastes in fashion or music.
Hipster DJ: "You see that kraut with the Uggs and mini-skirt? Did she really just request Britney Spears? Doesn't she know I only spin tech house?"

Hipster: "Well at least if the cops shut down the party all the kraut will leave and we can start back up without them."
by humble hipster November 09, 2009
N. (fem): Vaginal fluid discharged as a result of sexual stimulation by a German man, or by a man of some other sexy race.
Have you gotten everything ready for our shindig?" "Not quite. I'm still working on the Kraut.
by Marakashew October 28, 2010
Stupid, illiterate, nazi subhuman scum bags also known as "Germans"; "Scum"; "nazis" "Jerry's" or "filth"

Krauts are responsible for almost every single evil crime in the world, including the murders of 60m innocent people in Europe.

Krauts are the most ugly, most stupid, most evil people in the world who are, in simple terms, illiterate rats who are all sad, lonely, pathetic excuses for human beings who are unable to be human.

Hey. How are you?

I'm good thanks, just a little bit depressed after reading up on world war two.

Yeah, those krauts have really lived up to their evil name. Stupid, evil subhuman scum.
by ajjcj August 16, 2010
Radical skateboarding trick
equivalent to "hammer"
"When the Muska showed up that rail just got krauted on!"
"Homie dropped a kraut on that ledge"
"It's kraut time!"
by John Mullen August 05, 2005
German version of rice. Usually older BMW's.
That beemer is kraut.
by MrMatH March 21, 2005
Shitty Nazi soldiers who tried to kill anyone opposed to the 3rd rich.
Lets go kill that god damn kraut executioner style.
by lowcat April 28, 2006
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