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a story that is complete bullshit and made up, or just has a lot of nonsense added to it
"i went to mcD's and i shit in the sink!" "i think you're krauseing bro" then everyone starts chanting "krause krause krause krause"
by pube salad February 28, 2012
a large penis from masturbating too much.
Bob krause, what a pig.
by Bobby bob head September 03, 2007
v. to make an error or mistake
Wow, he really kraused that presentation
by notakrause September 11, 2013
A versatile word which can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective. Often used as a derogatory substitute for profanity or sexual slang.
"Ah krause! i lost my condoms!"
"I was krausing my girlfriend last weekend in the krause. she said 'oh krause, put it deeper in my krause!', and then i kraused on her face."
"Man i ate so much chipotle that i gotta go take a fat krause."
by Ginny Playland November 27, 2007
Verb, Noun.

Verb. The act of sodomizing a fish, (typically bass) after catching them, and then proceeding to have fish human offspring with the dying aquatic beast./ Watching nascar and trying to convince people its entertaining/ an actual sport, but never actually succeeding.

Noun. Usually a clown dressed male pretending to be a women who uses it's genitals to inseminate an aquatic animal.
I saw a Krause while i was out in the woodland preserve trying to krause the once extinct species of aquatic animal, i think he succeeded.

This douche tried to krause me into thinking that nascar was actually a sport, what a tool.
by Sir Walter the Dubba April 02, 2011
someone who gets sexual pleasure from sitting on candy
John: Hey man I walked in on Kelly last night and she was performing a Krause on a Caramello bar

Greg:Dude that's weird

John: Yeah, you're telling me
by barockandroll March 17, 2009
(verb) ing...following people around and looking over their shoulder at what their doing
stop krauseing me dude
look over there, hes being such a krause
by jose marte June 01, 2010