A versatile word which can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective. Often used as a derogatory substitute for profanity or sexual slang.
"Ah krause! i lost my condoms!"
"I was krausing my girlfriend last weekend in the krause. she said 'oh krause, put it deeper in my krause!', and then i kraused on her face."
"Man i ate so much chipotle that i gotta go take a fat krause."
#krause #fuck #nigger #slang #hot carl #bj #deeper #shawn krause
by Ginny Playland November 27, 2007
Top Definition
a large penis from masturbating too much.
Bob krause, what a pig.
#penis #krause #large #masturbate #too #much
by Bobby bob head September 03, 2007
v. to make an error or mistake
Wow, he really kraused that presentation
#error #mistake #boner #boo boo #crouse
by notakrause September 11, 2013
someone who gets sexual pleasure from sitting on candy
John: Hey man I walked in on Kelly last night and she was performing a Krause on a Caramello bar

Greg:Dude that's weird

John: Yeah, you're telling me
#caramello #sex #cunt #krause #gay #greg
by barockandroll March 17, 2009
Verb, Noun.

Verb. The act of sodomizing a fish, (typically bass) after catching them, and then proceeding to have fish human offspring with the dying aquatic beast./ Watching nascar and trying to convince people its entertaining/ an actual sport, but never actually succeeding.

Noun. Usually a clown dressed male pretending to be a women who uses it's genitals to inseminate an aquatic animal.
I saw a Krause while i was out in the woodland preserve trying to krause the once extinct species of aquatic animal, i think he succeeded.

This douche tried to krause me into thinking that nascar was actually a sport, what a tool.
#moron #idiot #failure #poop shoveler #chiropractor
by Sir Walter the Dubba April 02, 2011
(verb) ing...following people around and looking over their shoulder at what their doing
stop krauseing me dude
look over there, hes being such a krause
#krause #following #crause #lunch #tables
by jose marte June 01, 2010
a story that is complete bullshit and made up, or just has a lot of nonsense added to it
"i went to mcD's and i shit in the sink!" "i think you're krauseing bro" then everyone starts chanting "krause krause krause krause"
#bullshit #watson #fairy tale #fabrication #blacksmith
by pube salad February 28, 2012
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