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A follower of the British Comedy act of the 70's and 80's called the Krankies. Husband and wife, Ian and Janette, played a father and son act (Janette played the small boy)
Thier cabaret work was a lot more risque than the later tv work typified by thier appearances on Krackerjack.

Krankles typically were children at the time and missed the adult humour which they later picked up when watching reruns.

More info on the Krankies can be found at the Wiki of the same name
You are not just a fan of the Krankies you are a "Krankle"
by VikSiJan October 29, 2011
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lie bullshit concoct fabricate contrive hatch fake fib trick falsehood deceive fool invent

to make-up, or crank out something from your imagination that previously didn't exist.
Bish, you lie! Thas nuttin but a bunch o krankle.
by ix09 May 14, 2008
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