A beast of ultimate death and destruction that is released when called upon to deliver the final blow.
I swear if these morons fuck up my food one more again I am unleashing the fucking kraken on their asses.
by We_are_Coloured July 08, 2014
A large turd referring to a large mythical "sea-monster", The Kraken tends to clog the toilet so bad that a plunger is futile as the turds ridges gets caught in the pipe
Dude, sorry to tell you but i just released the Kraken in your toilet. Your Toilet should see a therapist ASAP
by MSMA December 07, 2011
A creature which used to be a female but after many sexual encounters her vagina has mutated into a tentacled beast. This can be caused through mutation of STD's or through overuse of vagina.
The kraken has swallowed many sea men.

she is patient zero for chlmydia, what a kraken.
by VLRbossman September 30, 2011
The combination of cracker and nigger. Kraken.
release the kraken.
by shesabitchnigger July 17, 2013
Another word for turd or poop.
I'm going to release the kraken.
by Aldermanlounge October 12, 2011
A gaming term, primarily used within GarrysMod. It occurs when a series of objects is welded together and one object moves out of place, this object will then frantically swing around until it manages to get back into its original place. The force that this object exerts is incalculable and will kill the player instantly. It also sets off nukes.

Outside of GarrysMod the term is used to describe when an object, usually a ragdoll(dead player or NPC) ends up partially within a wall or floor. The ragdoll will then swing around violently in order to try to escape the wall/floor.

A "crispy" kraken is when, after a kraken has killed you, your body turns into a charple(burned man.)

The kraken is known to appear in almost every game. Examples include: GMOD, Halo 1/2/3, Hitman: Blood Money, Deus Ex: Invisible War, Halo Wars, Toca Touring Car championship...and many more.
"Omg that thing you made is going kraken!"
"LOL that dead guy is krakening."
"OMFG that kraken is going towards the nuke!"
by Phoenix Fighter May 17, 2009
A Kraken is a womans vagina typicly a nasty one. A Kraken can also be a female who is controled by her Kraken when the Kraken (the person) does not feed her Kraken it is even able to swalow a man whole or a woman if it is lesbian or just that desprite.
Watch out Rob here comes Jenny the Queen Kraken she just might swalow you whole and you may never get out!
by OPPkiller February 24, 2011

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