Kowai is a japanese word.
It means 'scary' or 'frightening' and it is opposite of kawaii wich means 'cute'.
Example 1
<a> Have you seen that face?
<b> Yeah... It's little bit kowai...

Example 2
<a> This is so kowaii! O_O
<b>It's KOWAI and not KOWAII.... tte bayo!
<a> NO! IT ISN'T!
<b> Yes, it is... Baka!
by IeatTREES May 15, 2011
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Top Definition
1. (adj) Japanese word meaning scary or creepy.
2. (noun) Some guy who plays some online games. He can be scary, but is strangely sexy and studly.
1. That haunted house was kowai! Hold me~ ;,;

2. Kowai just killed everyone in PVP!!!
by anonymous November 22, 2004
The Opposite of Sexy, Scary, Frighting
Gackt is KOWAI !
by Anonymous April 08, 2003

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