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The extreme hatred of attention whoring freaks.

From the words 'coulrophobia' and 'odium'. Coulro derives from Greek 'koulon', meaning limb & 'kolobathristes' meaning 'one who walks on stilts'. 'Odium' is a part of several Latin phrases with the central idea of hate, bitterness or offense.

Main Entry: Koulrohodium -

Definition: The dislike of clowns, mimes, or any person(s) with fixed or painted facial expressions, or that seek attention through freakish behavior,
body piercings, tattoos, or clothing.
Example usage; "No Johnny, I don't hate all I.C.P fans or emo kids, I just have a strong case of koulrohodium, that's all."
by mrd00d January 23, 2009
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