1. A Japanese musical instrument with silk strings.
2. Hoyo?
Koto: What you talking.
*radio static*
Kiko: Thiis is my worst definition, to date!
*radio static*
Koto: Ipié!
by Kiko February 03, 2004
Top Definition
Not just any guy, but THE guy.
Dude, how can I be as Koto as you?
by Koto July 16, 2003
The period from the AD 700 to AD 1500 which is considered the Golden Age of Japanese swordsmanship. Katana-style swords were coming into popularity and craftsmanship was at it's peak.
Legendary koto-era swords were made by the swordsmiths Masamune and Muramasa.
by LorgSkyegon October 09, 2004
(koh-toh) n. a american slang term for chutia. Often expressed when everyday average curse words will not fulfill the need to curse.
These Brussels sprouts taste like Koto in my ass. -or- The RHA is a bunch of fucking kotos!!!!!
by shitrollsuphill April 20, 2011
used when giving someone's real name, especially a Zainichi's name, together with another name he/she uses to pretend to be a Japanese citizen.
Joji Obara, koto Kim Sung Jong, was charged with her murder in 2001.
by Adamo-chan July 05, 2005
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