1) The Greek spelling of "Costas." Is the short form of "Konstantinos," which is the Greek spelling of "Constantine."

The name means "constant"/"steadfast" in Latin.

2) A guy who is horrible with girls.

3) A really hot geeky/nerdy guy. The fact that he's a geek or nerd usually contributes to the second part of the definition.

4) A complete douche bag.
1) Kostas is the third most popular name in Greece as of 2004.

2) Dylan: "So, did she ask you out?"

Kostas: "Yeah, but she broke up with me about two minutes later when she saw I liked RPG games."

Dylan: "Oh jeez, you're horrible with girls dude."

Both: *silence*

3) Kayla: "So, what are you into?"

Kostas: "Anime, video games..."

Kayla: "Whoa, major geek there!"

4) Min: "Yo, you going to the bar tonight?"

Matt: "Hell yeah!" *thinks* "Hey, maybe we should ask Kostas to join us."

Min: "That douche bag? No thanks."
by Franglais n00b pwner May 29, 2009
Top Definition
1) Origin: Constantine, Costas
From the latin word ''constant'' which means steadfast. But another meaning of constant is ''obedient, loyal'', so Kostas could mean ''loyal friend'', an awesome, good friend.

2) A name used a lot by Greeks. It's also a Christianic name.
1) ''You have to meet Kostas, he's such a loyal friend, I'm telling you; he's as close as his name!''

2) Kostas is so popular in Greece, especially because it's a Christianic name, because of the GrecoRoman King Constantine, who happens to be a saint.
by RedEyedWolf January 08, 2011
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