An alcoholic mixed drink consisting of Kiwi Strawberry juice and cheap vodka (esp. Popov).
"I got so shitty off Kosovo last night."
by 2-1-3 March 26, 2010
Kosovo is a province in southern Serbia. It is Serbian, until it claims its independence, which surely is going to happen.

There was a big battle of Kosovo in 1389, where both Serbian and Turkish emperor lost their lives.

The Serbs anticipate that event very much.

Kosovo is, though, the center of drug dealing, sex trade, weapon black market, etc, for all the other countries in the world, e.g. USA, as one of the biggest.

People that live there are popularly called Shiptars. They often don't have power, water, homes, education, teeth or anything else.
'Kosovo is Serbia' (Kosovo je Srbija) - often used by patriots that don't want its independence. Seen in almost every graffiti art in Serbia.
by I love Coldplay! October 18, 2011
Serbian territory,always has been and always will be.Albanians ARE NOT Illyrians,they are not the real inhabitans of Kosovo,Serbs are.There are no albanian buildings,monuments,churches or mosques older then 100 years in Kosovo!Serbs have monasteries older then 800 years in Kosovo.Reason that there are 90% Albanians now in Kosovo is because Albanians have bigger natality rate then the Serbs plus some 500000 Serbs fled Kosovo in the last 50 years,because Albanians terrorized them.Kosovo may now be independant,but Serbs will get it back maybe in 50,100 or 150 years,but they will!Albanians DO NOT have any DNA match with Illyrians,by the way!They are a mixture of turks who ruled the Balkans for 400 years and Slavs and Greeks!
Kosovo is serbian!Serbs will get it back
by Eric McCorrmick February 17, 2008
Verb: To leave a country full of dicks and morons that has ruled you for many year, even though they are in Minority. Verb was created when Kosovo finally left the nationalists that are the bitchy Serbs.
Dude 1: "Man, did you hear Quebec was going to try and Kosovo Canada?

Dude 2: "Yeah man, but Quebec Kosovoing isn't going to happen anymore"
by Dictionary-Master November 04, 2009
What belonged to someone until he/she destroyed it and some other person repaired it and the person who use to have the land/object is bitching against the new owner.
Example : Kosovo used to belong to Serbia and
Serbia completely raped Kosovo in the war. So
the Albanians ''repair'' Kosovo and later Kosovo declared independence and Serbia was mad because they used to be a part of Serbia but Kosovo said ''You raped my lands so screw you!'' *Serbia cries*
by Matrosnic July 25, 2008
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