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I don't understand why you serbian people are so nationalist even now. Kosovo has always been an Albanian territory, and are not the Albanians who say this, but every historical book in the world. Albanians are descendants of Illyrians. Illyria's territory reached the Danub river.
The slavs came from today's north Poland, Russia, from Biellorussia, and occupied the Illyrian tribes there where today is Serbia, Bulgary, Macedonia and other slavic people.
They assimilated the illyrian population and formed their own slavic states. Albanians were the only Illirians that rezisted assimilation. You serbs are slavs, you speak slavic, how can you say tha Kosovo, the Ancient Dardhania, an Illyrian tribe, is serbian? They speak albanian language, which is one of the oldest languages, like greek language. Albanian language doesn't derive from any other language.
Serbian language derives from russian, from slavic tribes. How can you say that Kosovo is Serbian?

Go and read some real historical materials, not only serbian propaganda history. You may read all famous encyclopedias on the web, and they say exactly what i quoted here.

Why do you keep on lying and believing nationalists false propaganda?
Go and read some real historical materials, not only serbian propaganda history. You may read all famous encyclopedias on the web, and they say exactly what i quoted here.

Why do you keep on lying and believing nationalists false propaganda? Kosovo is Albanian. There are 2 million habitants in Kosovo, and only 100 000 from them are serbian.
How can it be a serbian territory if that part of Albania was given to Serbia only in 1912, because Serbia had a state, and Albania didn't have one.

by Justice_for_all December 06, 2006
Kosovo is a province inhabited by Albanians but claimed by Serbs. Funny thing is, there were always very few Serbs there so their claims defy any known logic. Serbs have tried to cleanse Kosovo of Albanians several times throughout the history but they always failed. In 1999 NATO bombed the shit out of Serbs and Serbia for their latest attempts so Kosovo has been relieved of Serbian/Yugoslavian rule ever since and it is about to become an independent country in 2007. In these last few years, Serbs get fucked in and over Kosovo on daily basis.
"Damn, I fucked that bitch so hard, she felt like a Serb in Kosovo."

by Albo Forever October 29, 2006
Kosovo is a province in southern Serbia. It is Serbian, until it claims its independence, which surely is going to happen.

There was a big battle of Kosovo in 1389, where both Serbian and Turkish emperor lost their lives.

The Serbs anticipate that event very much.

Kosovo is, though, the center of drug dealing, sex trade, weapon black market, etc, for all the other countries in the world, e.g. USA, as one of the biggest.

People that live there are popularly called Shiptars. They often don't have power, water, homes, education, teeth or anything else.
'Kosovo is Serbia' (Kosovo je Srbija) - often used by patriots that don't want its independence. Seen in almost every graffiti art in Serbia.
by I love Coldplay! October 18, 2011
A small independent country in south eastern Europe bordering Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Serbia. It is the newest country, officially declaring independence from Serbia in 2008. It was formerly a county of Serbia which still does not recognize the separation of Kosovo.

Originally Serbia was known as Yugoslavia, spanning what is now the seven independent countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Civil war traced from as early as the 80s has led to the dwindling size that it is now. What was Yugoslavia is now recognized as Serbia.

Kosovo is the smallest of the separated nations and is one of the 3 remaining countries to yet join the UN (United Nations). The other two are Taiwan and Vatican City. The capital of Kosovo is Pristina. This is also its largest city.
My dumbass friend went to Kosovo for a relaxing vacation. He got shot by a Serbian soldier. Now I don't have a friend, I'm forever alone!

Some Idiot: "Hey, lets go float the beaches of Kosovo!"
Tryhard Nerd: "What beaches you idiot!? It's completely bordered by land. You're so stupid that you're dead to me."
by El Jefe de Mesa Verde September 10, 2013
Kosovo is part of Serbia that wants to be a separate country. Kosovo has always been part of Serbia, and there are some of the oldest Serbian churches that are currently under protect, they are about 90% of oldest saved Serbian culture.

For people who say Kosovo is part of Albania, they are deadly wrong. if you dig a bit in history, you will find that Albania was part of Serbia that under the influence of big powers became separate country. Great powers tryed to prevent Serbia from getting powerful.

Kosovo is now days (October '11) trying to get their own country by blocking roads and using warnings. Since Serbia (along with couple other countries, for ex: Russia) said they will never support idea of Kosovo becoming country, the "case" will be open for a long time.
Kosovo will never be its own.
by Luxx44 November 03, 2011
Kosovo is a region in SERBIA. Kosovo has always been a part of Serbia, and it always will be. We won kosovo from the turks in 1389.
by serbsssssssss3 January 13, 2011
An alcoholic mixed drink consisting of Kiwi Strawberry juice and cheap vodka (esp. Popov).
"I got so shitty off Kosovo last night."
by 2-1-3 March 26, 2010
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