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The name of a girl who smells like roach spray and looks like a dog.
Something smells like Korrine.
by aimhigh August 07, 2010
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A girl who can be a total bitch but only to people who piss her off. She is very hot and loves sports
Man she is definitely a Korrine
by korri102299 November 15, 2014
a beautiful, funny, random girl who is an amazing friend but crazy at times... she makes you laugh, she makes you wanna scream, but you love her still the same. :)
-she is such a good friend.
>yeah, shes definitally a Korrine.
by zoey webb June 18, 2011
A really hot girl; Someone who gets jelious very easily. Someone who can be a total bitch at times but only to people who they really doesnt want around.
booty, sexy, korrine, sex
by Nicoley=) April 27, 2009

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