When a couple is having anal sex, then the man pulls out with a layer of poop on his shaft, and then the woman procedes to have oral sex
Guy #1 "So i heard you gave your girl a Korn dog last night"

Guy #2 "Yeah i did"

Guy #1 "And?"

Guy #2 "She said it taisted pretty good"
by Chocolate Nocker May 12, 2010
Top Definition
One who moans and/or complains about everything and anything that has ever or will ever exist.
Korndog: OMG that sux for sum lame reason.
by cheesywotsits August 18, 2008
An offensive term used to insult a person who owns every Korn song, including unreleased and remixes.
They usually have a certain sexual attraction to the main singer, Jonathon Davis.
Korn obsession = Korndog.
by Chalmers III August 15, 2005
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