An eccentric asian lesbian who enjoys getting her ass smacked and licked. But she is awesome. Inside. Inside her VaJJ. She like them brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Hatian.
You are such a Korinna!
by KOKoLi November 23, 2010
Top Definition
The most awesome tiger ever! Shes a beast, a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. cute white chick that Tries to act black even though she lives in the richest white-est town in northern cali. Amazing gymnast! Funny, caring and beautiful, Very talkative!
Broski 1: Sup mayne!? we kickin it today?
Broski 2: Naw breh ima kick it with mah korinna
by DJsupermario September 15, 2008
\k(o)-rinna, kor(in)-na\

Korinna is a female name, meaning 'maiden'. Derived from the Ancient Greek 'Corinne', 'Cora', or 'Korina', it's often confused with 'Corrin'.

Korinna's are shy and reserved, severely lacking in self-confidence. Introverted, hypersensitive and emotional, they need to feel secure in their immediate surroundings. Korinna's seek connection because it is as essential to them as oxygen. They feel stimulated and encouraged by the people they love, and can't cope well with solitude. Discreet and trustworthy, they are attentive listeners. Pleasant and conciliatory; their partner will not be neglected. She's capable of disregarding her own desires in order to make her beloved happy, especially if she has reached emotional maturity. However, underdevelopment can lead to a sort of prolonged childhood, characterized by emotional dependence.

Being of a nervous disposition, they're inclined to process matters internally, retaining a certain self-control, moving forward in life slowly but surely. They can often be divided with work, revealing themselves to be stubborn, perseverant and anxious to do a good job down to the last detail, whilst at other times, they appear lax, careless and can let themselves go to laziness. This is due to a lack of affective motivation. As children, they are extremely vulnerable and terribly introverted, capricious, nervous and particularly exclusive. They must learn to take responsibility for themselves from a very early age.
Random Guy: "You guys are Korinna's best friends, right? You think she'd ever consider someone like me?"
BFF 1: "Chances are, she probably already has."
BFF 2: "-but she won't make the first move."
Random Guy: "So what should I do?"
BFF 1: "You're known for being kind. That's huge."
BFF 2: "-and funny; a major bonus. Otherwise, just be yourself and make the first move."
BFF 1: "We approve of you. Enough said."
by Blossom;vrythngnc April 06, 2014
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