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A tall guy thats really smart and is a bad-ass. Korfi also has ninja moves and knows the art of oragami. Korfi is a total boss.
Korfi, teach me your ways!
#bad-ass #boss #ninja #friendly giant #genius
by motomax13 April 07, 2011
Tall, genius, most likely a vampire. A Korfi is a creature who has all the knowledge in the world, mostly Greek mythology. He is a superb being. All Korfis are white-- white skin, white hair, white EVERYTHING!
1."Look at the albino, almost resembles a Korfi..."

2."Wow! You're so smart, just like Korfi!"

3."Who the hell is Ulyssess?" "Just ask Korfi!!"
#sexy #white #black #genius #dumbass #delicious #greek
by yoooooooooou September 23, 2011
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