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A Koreaphile is a fag that thinks that he/she is Korean because he/she can say "Kimchi" "Saranghe" and "Jjang!". Its really just another Japanophile but with Korea. Koreaphiles begin evolving when K-Pop was introduced into the Global Music Industry after as early as 2005.

Koreaphiles are also annoyed retards that dresses like a Korean, listen to a load of K-Pop, annoy Korean Companies by auditioning even though they aren't Asian and they know it, learn Korean so they can "understand" the songs, would like to move to Korea so they can find a hot guy randomly right off the street, and believe Korea is better than Japan and China.

Lots of Koreaphiles were once Japanophiles or haters of China. Sometimes Koreaphiles aren't ONLY white or black people; they can be over obsessed Asians who aren't Korean (such as Phillipinos, Indians, Thais, Vietnamese people, etc.).
Koreaphile: Hi. My name is 태연 because I felt that I should be named after my FAVORITE K-pop idol. Jjang! Oh, and by the way, did you see Super Junior's comeback? OMG OMG OMG they are sooo hot...I don't even know why people think Whites or Black people are hot when Asians are just so smexy! I'm going to beg my Mom to let me go to South Korea so I can club with hot Korean guys and live there for the rest of my eternity. I eat kimchi everyday with Korean chopsticks I ordered. Oh, and I went on Yesstyle to buy 100 pieces of Korean clothing; yeah, all from Korea! Saranghe!

Random Person: Wait...What...the Fuck?
by LOLOLOLOLOLfag January 24, 2011
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