Koreans are one the most homogen races on the earth. The koreans have existed since 8000 b.c. The koreans have struggled much with fighting off chinese and japanese raids and have been fairly succsesful if you consider the amount of times they have been attacked and their population in comparison to the japanese and chinese people.

There are many modern predjudices about koreans as they would be more nerdy and stiff. These rumours are as much truth as the rumours about americans being fat, stupid and imperialists.
- Hey you know koreans only likes kimchee, electronics, other koreans, homework and they hate japanese people^

- Hey, you know Americans only likes fat food, money, weapons, more fat food and they africans, asians, jews, arabs, persians, indians and 50% of all whites
by Hangulkimchee March 19, 2011
One who is ridiculously good at Starcraft.
Ugh! I lost to a Korean. No shame in that
by MechanicalJesus October 19, 2011
This is based on the many Koreans that go to my boarding school

-extremely emotional
-bad temper
-procrastinate insanely, yet get amazing grades
-slightly judging

-very comfortable around others
-eat all of your food and drink your water
-hormonal and moody

Korean: Hey, you took my shower!
Person: Sorry!
Korean: That's ok. Open the door + let me in!

(group of koreans walk into room)
Koreans: Heyy, can I have some water?
Person: uhh.... I'm really running out
Koreans: Ok take water and food and leave
by VictoriaHatesBoardingSchool March 07, 2010
People hailing from north/south Korea. Koreans seems to be a mix of Chinese and Japanese as they are easily distinguishable. Compared to Chinese and Japanese whose eyes are slanted and "chinky"(sorry), Koreans eyes are a bit rounded and almond shaped. Koreans shows great importance to their culture and history. They have great fashion style and up to date technology just like the Japanese. They are hard workers and show respect to others by slightly bowing down their heads as an excuse, if an elder is coming, or as thanks. Korean women are exceptionally beautiful.
"I wanna take a vacation, what could be a good Asian spot?"

"Korea would be a good place, I would love to meet Korean people for a change"
by BALDOaztig November 11, 2009
An asian race that are either the nicest people you know or complete dickheads. The nice ones are just that; nice and chillin. Its kinda hard to hate these guys. The dickheads are over-prideful, talk korean behind everyone's back, smoke all the time, talk "gansta" when they have no muscular strength or divinity and they hang out exclusively with other koreans. The nice ones are usually the smartest of the pack, and the dickheads are usually the dumbest. The nice ones may not always have the best social skill, but the dickheads have no social skill. The nice girls are cool, just like any other cool girl. The dickhead girls are whiny and will die if left without attention. The nice guys are smart and fun to hang with. The dickhead guys are annoying and will one day die of lung cancer.
"Hey dude, lets go hang out with that chill nice korean guy!"
"OK man lets do this"
"Hey dude, lets go beat the hell out of that dickhead korean!"
"OK man lets do this"
by Jonathan (Last Name) September 16, 2007
A typical South Korean is equipped with a Samsung, drives a Hyundai, is pro at Starcraft, has had plastic surgery, has eaten dogs, is faster than a calculator at maths, is good at soccer and can kick some lethal Taekwondo when provoked.

North Koreans on the other hand are a rare breed of human-like robots remotely controlled by troll masterminds in Russia. A typical North Korean equipped with a nuclear bomb, drives a Su-92 bomber, is pro at communism, has eaten frogs, can calculate 1 divided by 0 to 200 decimal places and can yell some lethal propaganda when provoked.
"Do you play Starcraft?" "Yes, I love it." "KOREAN!!!! KOREAN!!!!!"
by Kim Il dung September 09, 2013
Small weeniers, always got music fans named Natane, annoying artists who dance and rap gibberish, put PSY on youtube and made him famous.
I don't like PSY cause he is Korean.
Natane loves Korean music.
God this song is so annoying these Koreans think they are Eminem.
My Korean boyfriend has such a small weenier I barely got off last night.
PSY made one song and got rich stupid Koreans had to get him famous.
by FVicodin September 07, 2013

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