My best friend is Korean and I want to fix those stereotypes in your heads.

1. Not all Korean guys are dickheads. The cocky Korean guys you see all the time are probably the sociopaths who HAD to immigrate to the US to start anew, but ended up getting worse. A lot of Korean guys are really nice and fun to hang out with...just not those guys.

2. Not all Korean girls are fangirls. There ARE a lot of girls who hate the electronic sounds and gay-looking idols. Instead they like Korean hiphop or indie, which talk about things more important than money, cars, and women.
(also anyone who says pretty Korean girls are backstabbers and bitches is just kidding themselves.)

3. Not all Korean kids excel at math and science. I know most of them are, but that's just because the schools in Korea run a very tight curriculum in math and science. it really is not different. You can look at it as cramming.

4. Not all Koreans are weird dressers. Yes, I do realize some guys wear sweater vests and tight button-down shirts and so on. But Korea is well known for its unique street fashion.
(They do wear abercrombie and hollister, though.)

5. Not all Koreans hate Japan. Actually only the idiots hate the country itself. Most of them hate the cruel unhumane things that Japanese did to Koreans when Korea was Japan's territory, for 34 years.

6. Not all Korean guys love starcraft. Actually starcraft is really kind of dead now. If you tell people you play starcraft, they WILL call you a nerd.
Racist: Why the hell is a stupid Asian in this school?!

Normal person: He's my friend and he's way nicer than you, asshole. (punch) BTW he's Korean.
by talktoomuch December 22, 2011
Located in Northern Asia.
Very nationalistic people. Full of themselves.
Koreans and Japanese hate eachother for sure.
Koreans own leading electronic companaies - Samsung and LG. Also apparently make 80% of all the nail-clippers in the world.
But yet Koreans make cheap cars.
Many of them are Christians.
They like spicy food-Gimchee.
Known for their corrupted government and yet one of few who put their own presidents(2) in jail for thier corruptions.
Well known for Tae-kwon-do, the only martial art that qualifies the Olympic.
Foumous for their addictive soup operas and movies in Aisa.
Koreans' last names are most likly to be one of these three: Kim, Lee, or Park.
Cellphone freaks.
Capitalism in South, Coummunism in North.
Usually irrational but kind.
Known for not being on time.
Soccer-lovers but not that good soocer players.
Also known for the crazy dictator in North. He looks very fat and ugly. And obviously insane.
Koreans are famous for
Electronics - Samsung, LG (South)
Vehicles - Kia, Hyundai (South)
Sports - Taekwondo, takgyun, gumdo, speed-skate
Economy - (average) in top 20 richest countries for South.
- dirt poor in North.
Government - Corrupted. Both North and South.
by Urban Dictionari July 11, 2006
1) People who are of Korean heritage or were born in Korea.
2) Objects or merchandise from Korea

No koreans do not all look the same, apparently all asians look the same. Wrong. Go get a new pair of eyes. All three major Asian countries have similar cultures but are distinctly different. If you get pissed that some country copied your country get over yourselves because you aren't part of that country. Your country probably copied too.
Pencil label) Made in Korea. it's korean.
by Rune Lee August 14, 2010
A race that makes up 70% of MMOGs.

*Statistic is based on nothing
From South Park episode 1008 - Make Love, Not Worldcraft

Kyle Broflovski: Wow, look at all these people playing right now!
Eric Cartman: Yeah it's bullcrap! I bet half of these people are Koreans.
by Tony Huynh April 05, 2008
Rule of Thumb:

When someone says he is Korean, always assume that he is from SOUTH Korea.
John: Hey man, where you from?

Lee: Hi I'm korean.

John: Cool, north or south?

Lee: *Respectful Silence*
by pheonix September 05, 2012
People with an Asian Heritage or familial background from the Republic of either North or South Korea. Usually have hard work ethics and value education. Most Koreans attend prestigious Universities ie, Yale, Harvard, Princeton and get into Business, Law, Medicine, Healthcare. Drive a Mercedez in usually what they call "Champagne or Gold" colored Benz's, and walk around with Coach bags with a golf hat. Korean men tend to be arrogant with fat pockets.
Greg: Hey Jung, why is your mom mad all the time?
Jung: Because , She's Korean with a hot temper. I didn't get into Yale like my brother did. Instead I got into Darmouth.

Greg: That's crazy.
by AmajitSingh May 21, 2010
- Ethnic people from a peninsula between China and Japan.
- Confused with North and South Korea.
- Often described as most unmerciful less fighters.
- One of the most hardest languages.
- Full pride of themselves but knows when to not use it.
- Disputes between Japan and Korea.
- Outgoing and friendly.
- Very religious.
- First team from Asia to reach top 4 in World Cup.
- Loves Starcraft.
- Loves Kimchi.
- Very smart in Math and science and History.
- Many are born leaders (Military wise).
I am one of the Koreans that was a part of the 2002 World Cup.
by Mr. Kang August 16, 2007
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