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People of Korean or Korean Descent, that value style over substance.
#1: Korean women will carry a louis Vittan handbag w/o any money in it, where as, a Chinese woman will carry a walmart handbag stuffed with cash. "Hey, nice bag! Too bad I do not have any money to put in it." "Oh migosh, that is so Korean Style."

#2: Koreans will attend a funeral only if they can be seen wearing black, instead of focusing on going to encourage the surviving family members. Definately style over substance, or "Ohmigosh, look at that gal she is so Korean Style".
by swilliams53 April 02, 2007
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It's one kind of playing style of MAIET's MMO third person shooter, GunZ: The Duel. It consists of abusing and exploring glitches from the game, mainly with the in-game swordplay.
It became so popular, that approximately 85% of GunZ players in the world knows at least the most basic movement of K-Styling, BF (Butterfly).
Players improved with time the Korean Style itself, and lots of new moves appeared. Basic ones, such as SS (Slash Shot) or advanced ones.
Some players keep rumoring that a Korean player named "Korean" invented the Korean-Style, and brought to the international GunZ, where it began to spread over the world.

It's also known as 'K-Style', 'KS' or even 'Korean S.'
¹ That player is a KS!
² He keeps K-Styling, I hate that.
³ Korean Style is a style invented by the player Korean
by BioDiesel September 11, 2011
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