Like a weeaboo (someone obsessed with Japan, see wapanese), but with Korea, as Korea will soon be the new Japan, with it's K-Pop (like Rain aka Bi), K-Dramas (korean Dramas) manhwa (Korean manga) and awesomeness. Cue the fanboys/girls.
Wow, Shaniqua is really into K-Pop. She's kind of a koreaboo; she's even started to learn Korean from all the K-dramas she watches.
by Suzy Lee November 18, 2007
Top Definition
A Koreaboo is a person who indulges in the global phenomenon known as Hallyu or the Korean wave. The Korean wave refers to the significantly increased popularity of South Korean culture around the world since the 21st century, especially among those in Generation Y/the Net Generation.

The largest contributor to Hallyu is the Korean entertainment industry with the rapid growth of Korean dramas, movies, and popular music since the start of the 21st century.
Hey, isn't that BoA Kwon? She turned me into a koreaboo!
by Koreaboo May 13, 2010
Weaboo is to Japan as Koreaboo is to Korea. Mostly fans of Korean media culture, Kpop, Kdrama, Ulzzangs. Also Gangnam style will be the birth of a lot of these 'koreaboos'.
Emer just keeps taking selca so she'll become an Ulzzang and Oppa will love her, in reality she's just a Koreaboo.
by Ahjusshi November 04, 2012
Like a weaboo, except Koreaboos obsess over Korean culture and music, most notably Korean pop or K-pop.
"Wow look at Nate listening to 2NE1 again"
"God damn, he's such a Koreaboo"
by BocciasMofeg January 05, 2015
rads is such a fkn koreaboo holy shit
by ~anon~ hehe March 09, 2013

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