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Pronounced 'Ko-rung-uh'

A word in Tamil (the South-Indian language) that translates literally into 'monkey.' Often used as a disparaging label for someone carrying out astonishingly moronic acts, or spoken in a loud, forceful manner in order to attract the attention of an imbecile who lurks within earshot.
"Moonje paare; po ya, Korange!!"

"DEY!! Korange!! Va da ingey!!"

"I say, old scream, it has been a while! I do hope you'll drop by this evening for a chin-wag of sorts, and won't disappear like a Korange the way you did in August!"
by P.P. March 29, 2006
: (adj) A word used to describe an exceptional experience or action. symn- gnarly, sweet, righteous
That car is so korange
by Taikodrummaster November 11, 2005
: (adj) A word used to describe an exceptional experience or action.
That jump was so korange!
by Taikodrummaster November 11, 2005
A synonym for words such as "sweet" and "gnarly". Often used by teenagers to describe an exceptionally good experience/person/place/thing etc.
"Dude, that concert last night was korange!"
"Korange, dude."
by Amelia_Q November 11, 2005
Regretfully sorry, full of regret.
I am so Korange, I didn't mean to kill your cat with a knife.
by Laughgrl March 19, 2009
A kumquat/orange hybrid rumored to be in the final stages of creation by an up and coming produce magician in the Seattle area.
"I'm about to go enjoy a korange on my lunch."
by A. DiFabio January 11, 2008
The word that rhymes with orange
For i like orange
it rhymes with korange
by gage branda October 29, 2006