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(verb) - to kopple: koppling: to go on a kopple

(noun) - a kopple: an absurd bender of epic proportions partaken by "friends" who have likely just met and are brought together ostensibly by a valid reason while in fact the true connection is the shared desire for the bender
Andy (wearing straw hat): "Nice hat, man"
Wimberly (wearing straw hat): "You to, man"
Andy "Whiskey?"

Wimberly "a whiskey kopple is in order"
by kjellis June 22, 2010
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Simply means to smoke Jiburbs ( Cannabis )

The word Kopple can only be used when used with the word Jiburbs.

For example:


"Lets Kopple some Jiburbs"


"Lets Kopple some weed"
Mat: "Hey Marc, do you want to Kopple some Jiburbs with me and George?"
Marc: "Yea man i would enjoy a smoke with you guys."
by Jiburbs August 29, 2009

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