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to waste time, specifically a waste of life, due to stupidity, or laziness, or ignorance yet to maintain a sense of self-righteousness or self-importance
Jerry's failure to stay positive and get a job has rendered him a real Kopatich.
by Paul Protius July 29, 2009
Typically someone who retires from regular employment in their thirties, or at a very young age.
Tony just won the lottery. He is only thirty-two but I bet he is going to pull a kopatich.
by Korey Kopatich August 01, 2009
An individual, usually male, who takes psychosomatic drugs and/or anti-depressants to deal with his short-comings in life, usually attributable to job loss, the failure to obtain viable employment, or general paranoia.
Dramatic: I know that you can pull through and turn your life around. I am not going to let you deteriorate into a Kopatich.
by JerryRice80 July 31, 2009