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Bowser's original seven children. They have appeared in several Mario games. There first appearence was in Mario Bros. 3. Each one has a different personality and look to them. Also, they all have a different fighting style.
The koopalings just kicked Mario's ass
by u_no_who_right March 11, 2010

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the 8 children of Bowser. They have a unique personality, from smart to hopped up on crack. This is the list
Iggy: hopped up on crack
Lemmy: ball-loving fuckhead
Roy: strong emptyhead
Wendy: the only female
Morton: fat dumbass
Ludwig: smart for no apparent reason
Bowser Jr.: fuckin' badass
Larry: lying, cheating freak with a mohawk
the Koopalings ARE fucktards, they always let their guard down
by your best idiot April 07, 2010